A Midsummer Dream: Jillian + Ross' Timeless Tale


July 22, 2017, Patten Chapel + The Peyton

Jillian and Ross met at a birthday party when Jillian was 19 and Ross was 24. She quickly fell in love with his easy spirit, quiet wit and willingness to stay up all hours of the night watching Grey’s Anatomy reruns. After dating for five years, Ross popped the question at one of Jillian’s favorite running spots, the overlook at Greenway Farms. We asked Jillian a few questions about the planning of their big day.

When choosing a photographer, what was important to you?

“When we were looking for a photographer, our biggest deciding factor was choosing a company that was able to capture the emotion of us and our guests and the ambiance of the space. I love candid shots and feel those are always the photos I want to display. It was also important to have a company that was willing to take creative control. I love photography and in my opinion it’s the most important decision of your wedding because it creates the memories you are going to pass down and look at for years to come.”

How did you choose your venue?

“Choosing a venue was shockingly easy. I fell in love with Patten Chapel. It created a timeless atmosphere with the brick and iron pendant lights. I wanted our ceremony site to speak for itself so we were the main focal point. For the reception venue we chose The Peyton. We both love the industrial look and the fact it was an old warehouse is just cool. Honestly the best part to me was it allowed you to create whatever look you wanted. It was really a blank canvas with good bones.”

What was your wedding style inspiration?

“For style inspiration I really gravitated toward a classic, timeless feel. I wanted to make sure when I looked back on our wedding day I would love everything in 50 years. I feel like when you are decorating a wedding the flowers are the biggest part. Especially when you have such a large, blank space. We did a combination of large greenery arrangements with low centerpieces. Hydrangeas have been one of my favorite flowers since I was a kid so it was important to have them as a focal point. We then combined the glass terrariums throughout. I was extremely blessed to have the floral team we did. Walter Dundervill, Dorothy Pfeiffer, and Dan Dahl really worked magic in that space.”

We think Jillian and Ross's wedding day was a smashing hit. We can't wait to see where their story takes them. 

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